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Everything You Need to Know About Egg Shells & Why They’re Important


Crack! Says the egg as you use a fork to pry it open. But wait! Before you throw its eggshells away, did you know that it just as important as its contents? Yes, it is! Every time we cook eggs, we tend to throw away its shells thinking that it has no use anymore. But today, we are going to change your perception about eggshells and explore its different uses. Let’s get started.

  • Can Be Used for Kitchenware Cleaning
  • Everything you prepare on the plate looks delicious, not until you see all your kitchenware piling in the sink looking all burnt up. It can be pretty annoying and time-consuming to hand rub that burnt-looking pan with all your might.
  • But using this simple ‘eggshell’ trick, you can cast your worries away and say goodbye to those extra burnt residue. All you need to do is gather some eggshells, crumble it into the pan (or whatever burnt kitchenware you have), add salt and some hot water, and finally scrub it using a sponge until the dirt is removed. And voila! There you have it.

  • Sharpens Your Blender Blades
  • It can be pretty annoying when you want to enjoy a tasty smoothie, and your blender blades start acting like it has a mind of its own and doesn’t slice the fruits enough just like it used to. It seems like something is going to get its much-needed sharpening session. Luckily, with eggshells, you can easily sharpen your blender blades as easy as pie.
  • What you need to do is to put some eggshells into the freezer and leave it for half an hour. Next, place the eggshells into the blender. Third, add a little bit of water and turn it on and let the sharpening begin. Now you have a sharper-looking blades, saves you from buying a new one.

  • They Are Rich in Calcium
  • Who would have that that eggshells can be enjoyed as a snack? Yes, you can. Eggshells are made up of 90% calcium, and it’s the only thing in the food pyramid that contains this amount of calcium.
  • Various studies have been conducted on eggshells and it is found out that they are perfectly consumable and absorbed by the human body. With eggshells high calcium content, you can get stronger bones and healthier teeth. Not to mention, lower blood cholesterol and stable blood pressure levels as well.

  • It Can Be Used as a Fertilizer
  • Fancy starting a small garden on your backyard but hesitant on doing so because of fertilizer’s sky-rocketing prices? Cast your worries away because eggshells are here to save the day. Eggshells can act as a natural fertilizer to keep your plants, flowers, or whatever you have in your garden looking healthy and beautiful.
  • There are two ways to use them as fertilizer. First, you can pulverize them. Second, you can ground them as small as you can and put them into the soil. Additionally, you can mix these pulverized shells with potting soil to fertilize the ground, which helps plant grow faster.

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