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Eggs and Why They Are Important for Your Health

Breakfast will never be complete without eggs in it. The fun thing about eggs is that you can cook the way you want it, be it scrambled, hard-boiled, or fried, you name it. Over the years, there have been various debates about eggs. Some say that eggs are a great source of protein, making it the perfect food for gym-goers and athletes. However, there are also people claiming that eggs increase your chance of getting heart disease.

But today, we are going to shed some light about egg misconceptions and debunk what needs to be debunked. Listed below are five reasons why eggs are good for your health. Let’s dive in!

  1. Helps Fight Skin Aging
  2. Eggs are not just known for their protein powers, but also for its age-defying properties as well. A study was conducted on people around the age of 35 to 40, and it found out that 87% of them saw huge reduction in age spots and skin sags thanks to eggs. So if you want to look younger without using any kinds of cosmetics, then eggs are here to save the day. Keep in mind that results don’t show up instantly and may require time and consistency.

  3. Increases Sex Hormones
  4. Eggs don’t only contain protein, but also B vitamins as well such as the vitamin B9, which is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in enhancing a women’s sex hormones to produce a baby. Additionally, it also helps in the formation of red blood cells too and can help deliver a healthier baby overall. Research also shows that pregnant women who binge on eggs every day have been producing babies with higher IQ levels.

  5. Decreases the Risk of Getting Cancer
  6. Eggs are rich in choline, a nutrient that is vital for the human brain to keep it running normally. That said, you should consume about two eggs a day to get enough of this nutrient. And when it comes to cancer, a study has been conducted on women, and it shows an 18% lower risk of getting breast cancer by consuming eggs. Additionally, eggs also help in improving your concentration and eyesight as well.

  7. Keeps Cardiovascular Diseases at Bay
  8. Remember the misconception about eggs being the culprit of cardiovascular diseases? It looks like the tables have turned this time. Cholesterol found in eggs is balanced with phosphatides. Therefore, the more you consume eggs, the more you decrease your body’s cholesterol production.

  9. Promotes a Healthier Liver
  10. Lastly, eggs play a vital role in maintaining your liver in its healthy state, especially hard-boiled eggs. And it doesn’t end there, the phospholids on eggs are also responsible for toxin removal on the liver, which results in a healthier and younger-looking skin. Choline deficiency can lead to fatty liver disease buildup which can be deadly. However, with the help of eggs, you can prevent this from happening and have a healthier liver overall.

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