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Control Your Sugar Intake with These Simple Tips

As humans, we like to devour whatever food we have in sight without knowing if it’s healthy or not. Most of the time, these kinds of foods are overloaded with sugar, which can be the cause of various health issues with diabetes being the ultimate one. If you want to successfully cut down your sugar intake, then following these simple tips may help:

  1. Alternative Ways for Endorphins
  2. Eating sweets increases the production of endorphins, which is a happiness hormone that improves our mood. Alternatively, you can get endorphins by doing regular exercises at the gym. It’s the safest way to get endorphins without putting your health at risk from developing type 2 diabetes from sweets.

  3. Manage Your Stress Level
  4. Sky-rocketing stress levels will lead to overconsumption of sweets. When you’re feeling stressed, it’s better to ward away from sweets to reduce the chances of cortisol production. Instead, opt for healthy alternatives such as vitamin B and magnesium to reduce stress levels. Or better yet, have a trip to your doctor’s office so he/she can recommend what kind of medication you need to take to keep towering stress levels at bay.

  5. Choose for Sweets Alternatives
  6. People say that sweets can be as addictive to cocaine. However, refraining from consuming sweets does not lead to easily cut down sugar since sweets is a taste that is hard to resist. A simple solution to this is to find an alternative flavor to satisfy your sweet-craving needs. Such example includes cinnamon, which is the best sweets alternative that provides plenty of health benefits and blood managing properties.

  7. Increase Your Protein Intake
  8. Protein is responsible for muscle buildup, tissue-repair, hormone improvements, and more. In fact, it is essential for your overall body as well ranging from your hair, skin, down to your muscles, cartilages, and the like. The more you include protein in your daily diet, the more chances you can resist the urge of devouring sweets. Protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, and seafood products should be added to your daily meals.

  9. Red Fish is the Real Deal
  10. When you feel that you’ve been craving for a lot of sweets lately, then there’s a high chance that your body is lacking in chromium. A simple solution to this is to consume foods that are rich in chromium such as red fish and broccoli.

We already know that diabetes is often caused by overloading our sugar intake. However, various factors also come to play as well, such as genetics and other health complications. Looking at the bright side, sugar is not actually bad as some might say because there are also healthy types of natural sugar that you can get from eating fruits. Just keep moderation in mind when consuming such and you’ll be fine.

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