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Eggs and Why They Are Important for Your Health

Breakfast will never be complete without eggs in it. The fun thing about eggs is that you can cook the way you want it, be it scrambled, hard-boiled, or fried, you name it. Over the years, there have been various debates about eggs. Some say that eggs are a great source of protein, making it the perfect food for gym-goers and athletes. However,

Control Your Sugar Intake with These Simple Tips

As humans, we like to devour whatever food we have in sight without knowing if it's healthy or not. Most of the time, these kinds of foods are overloaded with sugar, which can be the cause of various health issues with diabetes being the ultimate one. If you want to successfully cut down your sugar intake, then following these simple tips may

Alternative Protein Sources That Help Aid Weight Loss

To give our metabolism a boost-up, we need to consume as much protein as we can. Metabolism is like your special power for a rapid weight loss. And when it comes to protein, the first thing we had in mind is to consume more meat, lots and lots of meat. What we didn’t know is that protein can also be found on non-meat sources as well. So for those

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